An Invested Woman

My name is Maggie McDermott, founder of The Invested Woman.

The Invested Woman was inspired by my passion for women investing in themselves, 
their communities and in real estate.

Maggie McDermottI struggled with money all my life, living from pay to pay, never being able to put financial
balance in my life.  I found myself divorced with 3 children, and a strong thirst for knowledge.

As a Realtor, I knew I had to put my money someplace where I knew it was safe and a product that I knew well….Real Estate.

I began investing in myself by attending seminars, watching investment shows on television and reading many books that changed my life and my perspective, chapter by chapter.

I will be sharing my successes with you, particularly the authors who changed my life, my relationship with money, and finally my financial position.

Maya Angelou – “When you know better you do better.”