Landscaping Adds 15% Equity to Your Investment!

 Re/Max Ontario is promoting a contest to win a FREE Landscape Makeover!

Win up to $10,000 in free Garden Products and Landscaping Services!

Win up to $10,000 in free Garden Products and Landscaping Services!

 I was recently reading an article on Landscaping through Landscape Ontario and was excited to learn that landscaping adds 15% more value to any property!   They cited “landscaping can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 per cent at selling time”.  Landscaping is considered the best return on investment when it comes to renovating your home! 

As a Realtor I see the value in landscaping.  Often my clients will drive by a property, and without that “wow” curb appeal, they will let first impressions allow them to pass up a fabulous home without going inside to see its upgrades, charm and character.

A University of Florida study concluded that a quality landscape project provides:

  • Blocks unpleasant views
  • Lower noise levels
  • Reduces crime
  • Lowers heating and cooling costs
  • Improves home appearance
  • Optimizes the use of land and outdoor space
  • Reduces chemical usage on the property
  • Provides an attractive setting for garden ornamentation and statuaryLandscaping

Buyers of new home construction often miss the mature neighbourhoods with large trees, birds singing and squirrels playing until their own newly developed neighbourhood starts to blossom.  One of the first things every buyer in a new development should invest in, is their landscaping and tree planting.  Many industry leaders recommend a rule-of-thumb of investing 10% of the value of your new home into professional landscaping.

How many times have we spent countless mornings pulling weeds and dead-heading flowers, without realizing we are “pruning” our investment?  It puts back-breaking gardening into perspective!  I will certainly remind my husband of this fact, as he digs yet another hole for “just one more plant”!


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