Rich is a State of Mind

Rich is a state of mindOne of my all-time favourite books isRICH is a State of Mind by Financial speaker
Robert Gignac, and Waterloo’s own financial planner Michael J. Townshend.  It’s written as a story about a slightly dysfunctional Canadian family, laced with investment truths, financial planning principles, goal setting and wealth strategies for Canadians, and done with clarity! Understanding finances can be, well…..boring, not to mention overwhelming.  It’s an easy read, and made so much sense to me that I was able to follow along and understand the simple advice they were trying to articulate to me.

This was one of the questions in the story that was there to make us ponder a short time.  You’ll enjoy this book!

What is your definition of rich?  Freedom

“When I was taking pictures in Vietnam in the early 70’s I met a peasant farmer who was raising a family of five in a one room, tin-sided hut, earning his living on a rice-paddy, making what might have been the equivalent of $100 a year. He considered himself to be wealthy; his sole concern was for the education of his children because he wanted more for them than he could provide.  He explained to me how he felt wealthy.  For him, being rich was the freedom to live the kind of life that was meaningful for him, to be surrounded by family and friends, not to worry about money and what it could or couldn’t buy.  I could hardly believe my ears, this wisdom was coming from someone living in a region where bombs dropped in from the sky on a daily basis. He seemed amused by my western   notion of money, and the fear and    anxiety it created.  I remember his last words to me about the subject— “it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you’re worried about it, you aren’t rich.  That’s why I think that being rich equates to freedom.”
freedomRobert wrote an article called “Selecting a Financial Coach” that I wanted to share with you. It’s a guide to helping you on your own personal search for the perfect financial planner for you and your family!


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